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Popular and Heritage

Popular and Heritage
A Colorful Rustic Pottery Set of 3 Pieces of Different Sizes
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Package weight: 3 kgType: Tool SetMaterial: PotteryBrand: OtherColor: multi-color..
S.R 120 Ex Tax:S.R 120
Reusable in Dishwasher: NoType: CupsMaterial: clayBrand: Other..
S.R 27 Ex Tax:S.R 27
Reusable in Dishwasher: NoBrand: OtherBrown colorMaterial: PotteryType: FlasksCan be used in microwave oven: NoDoes this product require a battery or battery?Is this product hazardous or containing hazardous, toxic or waste materials subject to regulations relating to transport, storage or disposal?..
S.R 87 Ex Tax:S.R 87
Casserole decorated with hand-engraved
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Package weight: 2kgType: CasseroleMaterial: PotteryBrand: OtherBrown color..
S.R 137 Ex Tax:S.R 137
Reusable in Dishwasher: NoBrand: OtherMaterial: PotteryType: Water coolerDepth: 35 cm..
S.R 148 Ex Tax:S.R 148
Pottery, Brown - bases and dishes serving food
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Reusable in Dishwasher: NoBrand: OtherMaterial: PotteryType: rules and dishes serving foodCan be used in microwave oven: No..
S.R 24 Ex Tax:S.R 24
Brown colorBasic material: hand-made potteryThe famous scene of any popular dining table always, it is a popular icon in our civilization, we can not do without! Caeropolitan is offering you navigation in our next group so that the few more than just cold water on the dining table!Type: salts, salts..
S.R 110 Ex Tax:S.R 110
Water Jar of Stone Pottery
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Reusable in Dishwasher: NoType: PitchersMaterial: PotteryBrand: Other..
S.R 79 Ex Tax:S.R 79
set dallah pottery
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