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an introduction

At first, we thank you for visiting Marketing. Terms and Conditions Provide comprehensive protection to all valued customers and any visitor using the site, please read the following conditions before registering on the site where the user must agree to the terms and conditions below, and if you do not agree, please do not use this site.

The Site Markting has the right to change parts of the terms of use and provisions, modify them or add other items at any time. Any changes that occur are posted on the site without notice so please check the terms and conditions regularly to see the latest updates.


Limitation of liability and waiver of compensation

The User may not make any claim or claim from the Markting Store regarding the nature of the information, services or products advertised or provided on the Site, the ability or inability to do so, their suitability to the User's needs, or the reactions (if any) Accordingly, the User waives any claim or remedy against Marking that we or any of its representatives can. MARKETING SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR LOSS OF PROFITS ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES OR ANY INFORMATION ON THE SITE OR ACCESSIBLE THROUGH THE SITE, The content of the site or the content accessible or displayed through the site, even if it is informed of the possibility of such damages to the user or any third party, in connection with the site or services, use, inability to use, cancel, or restrict Or interruption.

Trademarks and copyright

All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered on the Site, and all information and designs contained on the Site, are our property, including, but not limited to, texts, graphics, programs and images, how they are selected and arranged, Key sources and programs. All content on the Site is also protected by copyright as a collective work subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international conventions. All rights reserved.

Typographical errors

If a product is mistakenly listed at an incorrect price, Markting reserves the right to reject or cancel any order for a product placed at that wrong price, whether or not this order has been confirmed. If your payment has been canceled and your order has been canceled, we will refund the full amount to your account.


Use images

All images included in this site are owned by a marketing store or product manufacturer, and are protected by copyright law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The use of these images for commercial purposes is prohibited except as expressly permitted by us.


Third Party Links

In an effort to provide more information to our visitors, you may find some links to sites operated by third parties. Markting's shop does not have control of these sites, all of which have a privacy policy and practice of collecting separate data. These links are placed for your convenience, and you can access them at your own risk. However, Markting seeks to protect the safety of the website and all the links placed on it. Therefore, we ask you, dear guest, to provide us with your comments not only on the site, but also on the links you find in it (including the absence of a specific link)



Markting will ship the order to the address provided to us. Shipping takes a maximum of one to five business days depending on the area of ​​residence in Saudi Arabia (unless otherwise stated in the product description). For other countries, to note: when customs duties exist, the buyer will be responsible for paying these fees directly to customs in the buyer's country.


Damaged products

The Markting store ensures that all products are new, unused, and undamaged. However, if there is any damage to the product, please notify us within three days of receipt of the product. Markting will replace the product at no cost.


You can contact us by sending an e-mail to us or by telephone